Take advantage on our promotion : - 40 % in all our last bungalows available from the 27/07/19 to the 03/08/19 + 2 places for our new " relaxation AREA " ( a value from 100 € )

Swiming pool complex

A new swimming pool complex will be here in 2018 with four water slides.

One circular open slide 31.54 metres long

One circular tubular slide 45.56 metres long

One double slide 14.45 metres long

Rental of bungalows and flats

With regard rental properties, arrivals are on Saturdays from 1400 to 2000 hours and departures are before 1000 hours.

For any additional information, reception is open everyday from 0800 to 1200 hours and from 1400 to 1900 hours.

You can hire:
- barbecues,
- safe-deposit boxes,
- tokens for the laundrette,
- WIFI tickets.


APPARTEMENT 1 - 4/6 pers. 24 m² with terrace (4.5 m²)

Location appartement 1 Perpignan

Plan appartement 1

APPARTEMENT 2 - 4/6 Pers. 32m² without terrace

Location appartement 2 PerpignanPlan appartement 2


BUNGALOW Casita (0-7 years old) 2Pers (4.43m x 4m)

Bungalow Casita Plan casita

BUNGALOW Week-end (0-7 years old) 4Pers (6,40m x 2,90m)

Bungalow Week-end plan week-end

BUNGALOW Laguna (0-7 years old) 4/5 Pers (5.50m x 4m)

Bungalow Laguna Plan laguna

BUNGALOW Evasion (0-7 years old) 4Pers (6,20m x 3,80m)

Bungalow Evasion Plan evasion

BUNGALOW Atlantique (0-7 years old) 4/6Pers (3m x 8.67m)

Bungalow Atlantique Plan atlantique

BUNGALOW Marina (0-7 years old) 4/5Pers (7,40m x 3,80m)

Bungalow Marina Plan marina

BUNGALOW Méditerranée (0-7 years old) 4/5Pers (7,40m x 3,80m)

Bungalow Méditerranée Plan mediterranee

BUNGALOW Alise (0-7 years old) 4/6Pers (7,50m x 4m)

Bungalow Alise Plan Bungalow alise

BUNGALOW Pacifique Luxe (0-7 years old) 6 Pers (7,80m x 3,70m)

Vignette Pacifique Luxe PLan pacifique luxe

BUNGALOW Pacifique plus 6Pers (8,50m x 3,90m)

Vignette Pacifique plus PLan pacifique plus