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We make a promotion until 31/12/18 for our renting  ( exept the « PACIFIQUE «  and « PACIFIQUE PLUS »  )


  • -30%  from 29/06/19 to 06/07/19
  • - 15% from 06/07/19 to 13/07/19
  • -10% from 13/07/19 to 20/07/19


Booking order free for all the reservation before 31/12/18

Special promotion for our senior : Booked for 3 weeks in september and we offer you one week more


Swiming pool complex

A new swimming pool complex will be here in 2018 with four water slides.

One circular open slide 31.54 metres long

One circular tubular slide 45.56 metres long

One double slide 14.45 metres long


As you stroll around the Park, which spans several hectares, you’ll be able to admire the fabulous horses, a family of donkeys, llamas, various species of chicken, a pen with goats and their adorable kids, as well as an aviary filled with exotic birds, to delight young and old.